Academic Catalog

Information Technology, an Option to the Associate in Science in Computer Science

Program Description 

The program outlined here will prepare students for transfer to a four-year college to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and provide a solid base of knowledge for a career in Computer Information Technology.  The curriculum closely follows program requirements of prominent four-year higher education institutions in New Jersey and is designed to address the preparation of our students for a future in Computer Information Technology. This curriculum has been designed to prepare the student to meet the future needs of integration, design, deployment and management of computing, resources and services.

Transfer Information

Students pursuing the Computer Science – Information Technology degree can transfer into majors such as Information Technology and Communications with a concentration or specialization in IT. Many colleges offer opportunities for transfer both in and out of state. Students are encouraged to work closely with OCC faculty and Advising Transfer Services. Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution in NJ can explore the “Transfer Programs” feature on NJ Transfer

Career Information

The Associate of Arts and the Associate of Science Degrees are designed to provide students with the coursework needed to transfer to a four-year institution and pursue a bachelor’s degree. The curriculum provides students the knowledge and skills needed to pursue various career pathways, while providing a credential beyond the high school degree. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with OCC faculty and Career Services as they begin to explore career options. OCC students can also utilize Focus2 Career, a resource provided by OCC, to explore degree programs and corresponding careersTo get started, log in through Ocean Connect.

Students are encouraged to keep track of degree requirements by using the “My Progress” screen on Student Planning. Student Planning can be accessed via logging into Ocean Connect.

Program Requirements

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterCredit Hours
ENGL 151 English I 3
MATH 265 Calculus I 4
CSIT 165 Programming I 4
Humanities Gen. Ed. Requirement 3
Any STSC - Student Success Seminar course 1 2
 Credit Hours16
Second Semester
ENGL 152 English II 3
MATH 266 Calculus II 4
CSIT 166 Programming II 4
CSIT 176 Computer Organization & Architecture 3
Humanities or Social Science Gen. Ed. Requirement 3
 Credit Hours17
Third Semester
CSIT Elective 2 3
MATH 267
Calculus III
or Discrete Mathematics
or Linear Algebra
BIOL 161
General Biology I
or General Chemistry I
or General Physics I
Social Science Gen. Ed. Requirement 3
 Credit Hours13-14
Fourth Semester
CSIT 185
Networking I
or Database Management
or Data Structures and Analysis
CSIT Elective 2 6
BIOL 162
General Biology II
or General Chemistry II
or General Physics II
Elective to meet 60 credits 1
 Credit Hours14
 Total Credit Hours60-61

A variety of STSC -Student Success Seminar courses are available. Please speak to your academic advisor for assistance when selecting.


Can be chosen from all CSIT courses with the exception of CSIT 110, CSIT 123, CSIT 126, CSIT 131, CSIT 133 and CSIT 160