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e-Learning Department

The e-Learning Department at Ocean County College is a leader in online education, offering completely online degrees and certificates to students worldwide. Ocean County College (OCC) is ranked among the top 50 accredited online community colleges in the United States. OCC offers online programs that utilize innovative technology and interactive design to deliver engaging and academically rich online courses of the highest quality that guarantee each student a rewarding educational experience. OCC's online learning programs are designed to allow students of all ages to earn a degree or certificate while providing them with the tools and guidance that are necessary for success.  

All of OCC’s online courses are completely online and asynchronous, which means students are never required to come to campus and are not required to be "online" during a specific day or time. All course learning activities, including course reading, resources, discussions, assessments, assignments, labs, and other educational content occur online.  Online courses follow the same academic rigor as traditional face-to-face courses, utilizing the same learning outcomes and employing a variety of student-centered learning methodologies. All online courses are proctored to authenticate and verify each student's identity. 

OCC utilizes Canvas, a state-of-the-art online Learning Management System platform to keep students engaged. The user-friendly platform provides technical support to assist students and offers user guides and tutorials for those needing more hands-on guidance. The tutorials are available 24/7, 365 days a year, and are designed to assist students in navigating their online courses without interruption. 

Our online courses are designed to engage students and create a sense of community within each course. Students complete interactive and collaborative assignments and engage in lectures via advanced software embedded in their course. OCC’s qualified faculty promote social learning by providing real-life experiences in course discussions and content. New online courses are continuously being developed to ensure course content is relevant, personal and will prepare students for their career.  

Programs and Certificates 

You can earn an associate degree entirely online in less than two years through our educational plan program! Our plans allow students to quickly complete their degrees by taking courses that are offered in 7.5 weeks to fast-track their educational goals. Traditional 10-week and 15-week long courses are also available. OCC’s e-Learning Department currently offers the following fully online programs. 

Online Courses 

At OCC, e-Learning offers over 150 online courses in various disciplines that can be taken as part of a degree program or by themselves, depending on the student's needs.  List of available online course offerings

Online Tutoring  

OCC provides free online tutoring in over 150 academic subjects. The service provides expert 24/7, on demand tutoring services.   

How to Register?  

Online courses are designated by the section name "DL," which stands for Distance Learning. Students can view these courses in Student Planning. Students registered for online courses may access them through OCC's Portal: Ocean Connect by clicking on "My Courses." For more information about online degrees, certificates, and courses, please contact an Enrollment Specialist at 732-255-0400, ext. 2960 or on the College's website.

e-Learning and Learning Enterprises: International Programs 

Ocean County College (OCC) also offers selected international students an education to prepare them for success in our global society. When an international student enrolls in a degree program through OCC, they take courses at both OCC and their local, host university during their enrollment in the program. The courses facilitated by the host university may be offered in online or face-to-face modality, depending on the university and major. For more information about the OCC international programs, please visit our website.