Academic Catalog

Psychology (PSYC)

PSYC 172  General Psychology  3 cr.  

This introductory course focuses on the study of behavior and cognitive processes. Emphasis is on neuroscience, states of consciousness, human development, sensation and perception, learning, memory, intelligence, emotion and motivation, personality, psychological disorders, psychotherapy, and social behavior. Code 1 course fee.

PSYC 173  Child Psychology  3 cr.  

The emphasis of this course will be on the scientific study of intellectual, emotional, social, and physiological development of the human being from preconception to adolescence. The foundational theories of Freud, Erickson, and Piaget are stressed, as well as newer emerging theories of child psychology. Code 1 course fee.

Prerequisite(s): PSYC 172
PSYC 174  Personality Theory  3 cr.  

This course is a study of personality focusing on representative theorists from the major schools of personality theory (psychoanalytic, social learning, humanistic, and cognitive) and methods for studying personality (e.g. case studies, personality tests, empirical research, etc.). Code 1 course fee.

Prerequisite(s): PSYC 172
PSYC 175  Cross-Cultural Psychology  3 cr.  

This course deals with a cross-cultural study of human behavior based on research findings of the world's culturally heterogeneous population. The goal is to discover how norms and individual behavior operate within a cultural context, compare similarities and differences among people of the world, and make sense of the underlying reasons for psychological diversity. Code 1 course fee.

Prerequisite(s): PSYC 172
PSYC 270  Psychology of Gender  3 cr.  

This course will present current theory and research on gender differences focusing on the physiological, psychodynamic, cognitive, and social domains. An analysis of the implications of gender on identiy, life-span development, relationships, life at home and work, educational attainment, and physical and mental health will be explored.

Prerequisite(s): PSYC 172
PSYC 271  Abnormal Psychology  3 cr.  

This course is the study of abnormal behavior from five different major theoretical approaches: neuroscience, psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, and humanistic/existential. Students will learn the descriptions (symptoms), causes (etiology) and various types of treatments of disorders described in DSM-5.

Prerequisite(s): PSYC 172
PSYC 273  Adolescent Psychology  3 cr.  

This course presents an in-depth study of human development between the ages 11 and 25. It stresses growth in cognitive and personality processes and the social changes experienced by adolescents and emerging adults.

Prerequisite(s): PSYC 172
PSYC 274  Social Psychology  3 cr.  

This course is a scientific study of the behavior and development of the individual in society. It involves understanding how people influence and are influenced by others around them. The course will explore topics such as social perception, social influence, attribution theory, interpersonal relationships, group dynamics, and prejudice. Research and methodology will be stressed.

Prerequisite(s): PSYC 172
PSYC 275  Educational Psychology  3 cr.  

This course is designed to assist students with the application of fundamental psychological principles, theories and practices in their future classrooms at all educational levels. The teaching-learning process is examined through a study of the major psychological theories of learning, motivation and maturation. These psychological principles are applied to practices of classroom instruction that consider the developmental stage, abilities and learning styles of the learner.

Prerequisite(s): PSYC 172
PSYC 278  Life Span Development  3 cr.  

This course examines the biological, cognitive, social and personality influences on development from birth to death. The incremental influence of each stage on the succeeding stages will be explored.

Prerequisite(s): PSYC 172