Academic Catalog

Humanities (HUMN)

HUMN 200  Modernism and the Arts  3 cr.  

The artistic movement known as Modernism produced the most comprehensive change in Western culture since Romanticism. This course enables the student to see connections among literature, art, and music from a Modernistic, multiculturally diverse perspective. Students will collaboratively study, discuss and make use of journals to write about a variety of Modernist works.

Prerequisite(s): ENGL 151
HUMN 201  Postmodernism and the Arts  3 cr.  

This interdisciplinary course focuses on the connections among literature, art, and music during the postmodern era lasting from 1945 to the present. Students will study, discuss and write about a variety of works as they relate to historical events, societal change, and the rich diversity of this period.

Prerequisite(s): ENGL 151
HUMN 210  Leadership and the Humanities  3 cr.  

This is an interdisciplinary humanities course that examines leadership issues. The course includes classic and current literature on leadership that encompasses a philosophical and historical perspective. The course uses reading materials and films, case studies in leadership, and experimental learning exercises, a mentoring program, and service learning process.

Prerequisite(s): ENGL 151
HUMN 251  Study Abroard Seminar: Modern Middle East  4 cr.   (3 + 0 + 3)  

This study abroad seminar offers students an intensive three-week program in Arabic/Hebrew language and culture conducted in a Middle Eastern Country. Students will live with a Middle Eastern family and be thoroughly immersed in the Middle Eastern world. In addition, a three-week course meeting two hours per day will help students with language skills in Arabic/Hebrew and will introduce students the main aspects of the culture. Housing arrangements and the classroom experiences are arranged by AMIDEAST. The Seminar includes a week of intensive interdisciplinary instruction prior to the travel and a week of assessment and presentation sharing upon return.

Corequisite(s): ARBC 100
HUMN 252  Travel Seminar: Study in Humanities  3 cr.   (2 + 0 + 1)  

This travel seminar provides the opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the culture of a select country. Emphasis is placed upon evaluation of the select culture in terms of its respective contextual values and norms. Students will participate in immersion activities that include tours and cultural events focused on facets of the humanities including: visual and performing arts, history, literature, and philosophy.