Academic Catalog

Electronic Media (COEM)

COEM 120  Television Studio Production  3 cr.   (2 + 2)  

Basic television production techniques, including the use of camera, switchers, audio board, producing/directing studio programs. Code 5 course fee.

COEM 220  Video Location Production  3 cr.   (2 + 2)  

Students will learn to plan, execute and edit videotaped projects for documentary, informational and educational use. Code 5 course fee.

COEM 224  Video Editing and Post Production  3 cr.   (2 + 2)  

This course teaches advanced principles of professional video editing. It combines theory and methodology with practical experience in assembling and shaping a story into a production. Code 4 course fee.

Prerequisite(s): COEM 220
COEM 230  Audio Recording for Electronic Media  3 cr.   (2 + 2)  

An introduction to the basics of audio recording technology. Students working in the studio environment will develop skills with microphone selection and use, multi-track recorders, recording consoles and digital and analog processors. Code 4 course fee.

COEM 231  Audio Production Techniques  3 cr.   (2 + 2)  

The study and practical application of audio production techniques in a digital multi-track recording environment. Students will develop production skills through a hands-on engineering of recording, overdubbing and mix-down sessions. Code 4 course fee.

Prerequisite(s): COEM 230
COEM 232  Advanced Audio Mixing Techniques  3 cr.   (2 + 2)  

An in-depth study of audio mixing and using the studio medium itself as a creative art form. The development of skills necessary to produce master quality mixes for multiple media applications. Code 4 course fee.

Prerequisite(s): COEM 231
COEM 284  Broadcast News Production  3 cr.   (2 + 2)  

Students will develop the techniques for gathering and producing news for radio and television. This course focuses on the combination of writing accurate and informative copy with audio and video to tell the complete news story. In-class discussion and demonstrations will be combined with practical experience on Channel 20 and WOCC Radio. Students will receive constructive critique of their work, with an eye towards regular improvement. Prerequisites: This course is designed as a capstone project for students preparing to graduate OCC and advance to a four-year college. Therefore, to qualify for this course, students must obtain the permission of the instructor. Code 5 course fee.