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Veteran and Military Services

Veteran and Military Resource Center (V.M.R.C.)

Recipient of 2021 Center of Excellence for Veteran Student Success grant, Sponsored by the Department of Education
Designated Gold-Standard Military Friendly, 2022.

Welcome to all military connected students! The V.M.R.C. provides a communal area for use by all students connected to the military such as Active Duty, Part-Time Service Members (National Guard and Reservists), Veterans, Military Spouses, and Military Dependents. Military connected students are welcomed to a large community-style, private center that includes a computer lab, fully stocked eatery with grab-and-go snacks, quick heat meals, as well as multiple hydration options! Furthermore, the V.M.R.C. team will assist with on- and off-campus staff resources and referrals to subject matter experts within the Veteran Administration partners. The Center provides ample space for the Ocean County College student organizations which support military connected students, such as the Student Veteran Organization and S.A.L.U.T.E. Honor Society. At the V.M.R.C., military connected students will be assisted with the application process to receive educational assistance from the Veterans Administration (VA) while enrolled at Ocean County College. If a military connected student is utilizing chapter education benefits from the VA, inquire with the V.M.R.C. about the VA-Work-study Internship programs! The internship programs are a wonderful opportunity to work with the V.M.R.C. team while you are conducting your studies at Ocean County College! V.M.R.C staff are available to provide guidance and answer questions, so feel free to stop in!  

The VA processing takes four to six weeks to complete financial benefit certification. VA benefits are paid only for courses that are required for the completion of the student’s degree program. Students must make satisfactory academic progress to maintain eligibility for VA educational benefits. While the transition from military to civilian life can be one of the most difficult challenges veterans face, Ocean County College's V.M.R.C. is committed to making this transition as seamless as possible. The V.M.R.C. provides social, educational, recreational, and leadership engagement opportunities, as well as academic support services designed to ensure the well-being and success of veterans, service members, and their supported family members. Military connected students can seek assistance from The Financial Aid Office for applications for federal and State programs and scholarships.

All returning, transferring, and newly enrolled military connected students in a degree program or Approved Certificate Program specified to the certification approved from the VA will have a one-on-one experience in all areas of student processing, from Academic Advising to Financial Aid, and Student Services; each area at Ocean County College has a designated Military and Veteran connected Liaison to assist with any situation, concern, or question. Military connected students have a designated advisor, Ocean County College Military Liaison to Academic Advising, who is located in the Advising Center in Student Enrollment Services, building 9

The number of Certificate programs approved by the V.A. are limited and must be verified for benefits. Ocean County College is a partner to many colleges and universities with whom articulation agreements for seamless transfer pathways have been created.  Military connected students may take OCC courses and transfer the credits to all colleges and universities in New Jersey and many beyond to earn a bachelor's degree. 

Location: Larson Student Center (Building 8), Room 221, 2nd floor
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm
Phone number: 732-255-0400, ex. 2080
Email address: