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FIPSE Basic Needs Grant

The FIPSE Grant Student Financial Resource Center’s mission is to provide holistic, person-centered supports and resources to promote student persistence and success at Ocean County College. Funded by the 3-year FIPSE Grant, center services include direct financial support for students and connection with both campus and community supports.

The goal of this variety of FIPSE Grant is to support current students with meeting financial needs in the areas of food security, transportation, technology, health, housing, and childcare. These are areas of the student’s life outside of academic support that might make reaching their academic goals, staying in classes, and ultimately graduating, challenging.

The FIPSE Grant is not a continuous funding stream, and is designed to help bridge gaps in funding for students. As a result, the FIPSE Grant Student Financial Resource Center is tasked with providing short-term services that help students reach campus and community resources for long term support.

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