Academic Catalog

Counseling Center & Displaced Homemakers

Counseling Services

The Counseling Center provides supportive services to students in a respectful and encouraging environment. Individual counseling and group services provide a foundation for students to succeed, both personally and academically.  Events and workshops are hosted by the department throughout the year to promote student wellbeing, increase awareness about mental health and accessing supports, and foster a "community of caring" on campus. 

Confidential and Personal Counseling

Personal counseling sessions are provided by professionally licensed counselors and social workers, or graduate student interns under supervision. The focus of counseling is to assist students in working through personal, social, and/or emotional concerns that interfere with academic success and learning. 

The Recovery Support Program provides resources and services to students impacted by a substance use disorder, either through their own experience or that of a loved one. Students who are thinking about making a change to their substance use, identify as sober-curious or as an ally to the recovery community are also welcome in this program. Participants have access to an on-campus community, online resources, Wellness and Recovery Center, various recovery groups, recovery management support, certified recovery coaches, and counseling with a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor.

Virtual Counseling Services are available. OCC Counselors conduct sessions via video-conferencing or phone. Students also have access to the online platforms: UWill and Talk Campus. UWill provides free and immediate access to teletherapy, crisis support and wellness resources. Talk Campus provides students with a virtual peer support network.

For more information about our services and resources, contact the office at 732-255-0386, by email at or our counseling web page.

The Displaced Homemakers Program of Ocean County

This state grant funded program provides services to individuals who lost their primary source of income due to separation, divorce, disability or death of the primary family wage earner. All services are designed to help the client become economically self-sufficient.

For more information, contact us at 732-255-0400 ext. 2297 or on our web page. Search for “Displaced Homemakers”.