Academic Catalog


The student’s tuition and fees are established by the college’s Board of Trustees and are subject to change. 

Failure to make payment arrangements at the time of registration for tuition and fees may cause cancellation of your class schedule. In the event your schedule is canceled for non-payment, you must re-register and provide payment.

For In-County Students

At publication, tuition for a certified resident of Ocean County is based on a per credit hour charge of $189.00, including books.

For Eligible Out-of-County Residents

Students attending a community college outside their county of residence are eligible for the prevailing in-county tuition rate under the following conditions:

  1. the county of residence does not sponsor a county college, or
  2. the college in the county of residence certifies that it does not offer the particular course or program of study desired by the applicant, or
  3. the college in the county of residence certifies that it cannot admit the applicant into a particular course.

Under chargeback legislation, the sending county is obligated to contribute toward tuition. For required documentation, contact the Registration and Records Office at 732-255-0304 or

A copy of the student’s College Skills Assessment test scores must be submitted before a chargeback can be considered. If eligible, the student should request an “Inability to Admit” form from the college in his/her county of residence and a “Certificate of Residence for the Purpose of Chargeback” form from his/her county fiscal officer. These forms should be presented to The HUB at Ocean County College immediately following registration and prior to the term's census date. If the forms are not submitted, the student must pay out-of-county tuition rates. Out-of-county students should contact the Office of Registration and Records for more information concerning the Chargeback Law.

Tuition Schedule

At publication, rates for full-time and part-time students were as listed below, (excluding course fees). A current listing of tuition and fees can be obtained from the website at

Fee Category Fee
County residents $189/semester hour
Out-of-county N.J. residents $202/semester hour
Out-of-state residents $275/semester hour
High School & Bridge (books included) $135/semester hour
High School & Bridge (books excluded) $114/semester hour
Reduced Tuition for Senior Citizens $135/semester hour