Academic Catalog

Social Work (SOWK)

SOWK 101  Introduction to Social Work  3 cr.  

This course is designed to introduce students to contemporary issues in social welfare and social work practice. Using a generalist approach, this course explores the myriad of social work roles and functions within systems of care of all sizes. A major focus is given to social work practice with individuals, groups, families, communities and organizations. An introductory review of social work knowledge, skills, and values will be examined. The role of the social worker is explored in relation to the consumers they work with and the service agencies and institutions. The helping process and social work interventions will also be highlighted to assist students to explore social work as a profession.

SOWK 105  Introduction to Developmental Disabilities  3 cr.  

This course provides introductory knowledge about working with people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. The history of developmental disabilities, types of disabilities, as well as community and service delivery models will be addressed. This course will also examine behaviors associated with disabilities, types of abuse and neglect, ethical considerations, policies, and program planning. Multicultural and strength-based perspectives will be reviewed as they relate to disabilities.

SOWK 194  Interviewing and Communication Techniques  3 cr.  

This course examines the theoretical foundations of counseling, counseling styles and techniques, and sensitivity to counseling culturally diverse clients through the processes of human communication. It provides an opportunity for students to practice the skills necessary for a career in social work and related fields.

SOWK 200  Gerontology: the Study of Aging  3 cr.  

This course provides students with the foundational knowledge relevant to working with the elderly population in human services. This includes the biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of working with older adults and their caregivers. Multicultural and strength-based perspectives will be evaluated. This course will also highlight core policies and practices affecting older adults, inclusive of current laws and evidence-based best practices.

SOWK 201  Human Behavior and the Social Environment  3 cr.  

This course provides a basic understanding of human behavior theory relevant to working with individuals, groups and families. Emphasis is given to the interrelationships between persons and their environments. Theories of human development will be explored and analyzed for practical use in various professions such as human services/social work, education and other health-related fields of study.

Prerequisite(s): SOWK 101
SOWK 202  Social Work Seminar and Practicum  3 cr.   (2 + 0 + 4)  

This course provides students with professionally supervised opportunities to gain practical, hands-on, direct, and indirect practice experience within real world human service agencies. As a requirement, students will be placed at off-site community-based settings for a total of 60 hours per semester. In addition, students will attend a field practicum seminar class on campus that connects lecture and discussions with their field work experiences.

Prerequisite(s): SOWK 101
SOWK 207  Group Dynamics  3 cr.  

This course provides an overview of interpersonal behaviors and processes relevant to facilitating groups in human service agency settings. Group models, stages of group development, and theoretical approaches will be examined. There will also be an emphasis on working with groups in a multicultural context.