Academic Catalog

Sociology (SOCI)

SOCI 181  Introduction to Sociology  3 cr.  

This course presents the fundamental concepts, sociological perspectives, and methods of social research. Course topics include culture, socialization, deviance, social class, race and ethnicity, and gender and sexuality. Code 1 course fee.

SOCI 182  Death and Dying  3 cr.  

This course is designed to examine the phenomena of death and dying from historical, cultural, psychological and ethical perspectives. It investigates the research and literature regarding attitudes toward death, past and present, changing definitions of death and their ethical implications, the process of grief and grief therapy, and new ways of dealing with death and the dying. Code 1 course fee.

SOCI 230  Women in Society  3 cr.  

This course examines the changing role of women in social life. Particular emphasis will be on the challenges women face in the home and the workplace, the image of women in popular culture, health and reproduction issues, and women's status in religion, education, science, and politics.

SOCI 231  Social Problems  3 cr.  

This course explores the ways that social issues become defined as social problems and it looks at the consequences of those definitions. Students will identify and analyze a wide range of domestic as well as international social problems and they will develop tentative solutions to those problems. Problems associated with the following topics may be considered: the economy, politics, work, family, education, urban living, social class, race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, the media, the criminal justice system, drugs, health, and aging. Global problems related to population, global inequality, technology, the environment, war, and terrorism will also be addressed.

Prerequisite(s): SOCI 181
SOCI 238  Race and Ethnicity  3 cr.  

This course deals with core concepts andissues related to race and ethnic relations and patterns of immigration. It examines the concept of stereotyping, the differentiation between prejudice and discrimination, and the spectrum of intergroup relations, ranging from pluralism to extermination. The history and experiences of select racial, ethnic, religious, and cultural subgroups in American society will be explored.

Prerequisite(s): SOCI 181
SOCI 240  Travel Seminar: the Immigrant Experience  3 cr.   (2 + 0 + 3)  

This travel abroad seminar focuses on the immigrant experience by providing students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the country of origin of an immigrant group. While abroad, students will explore the social, economic, and cultural life of this group as a backdrop in understanding why these people decided to emigrate. The course also provides a sociological perspective in analyzing this group's position once in American society.

SOCI 282  Sociology of the Family  3 cr.  

This course is an introduction to the sociological literature on the family. The course explores the changing expectations and practices of contemporary American family life, and it analyzes these changes within historical and cultural contexts. Course topics include dating, marriage, divorce, family diversity, families across the life cycle, and the family and social problems.

Prerequisite(s): SOSC 181
SOCI 285  Drugs and Society  3 cr.  

This course is an introduction to the social scientific literature on drugs, drug use and drug policy. The course seeks to dispel myths and misinformation surrounding drugs - from the definition of the term to the extent and nature of drug use in the United States. Topics of discussion will include the history of drug use and the role politics has played historically in the use and control of drugs worldwide. Proposed and implemented solutions and legislation will also be discussed.