Academic Catalog

Political Science (POLI)

POLI 101  Global Issues  3 cr.  

This course engages students in a multifaceted exploration of various contemporary global issues such as the westernization of developing nations; issues of war, conflicting religious and ethical values; globalization and international economics post World War II; and human rights issues in cross-cultural and sociological perspective. The course will include an interdisciplinary approach, examining recent social, economic and political trends. Emphasis will be placed on humanistic aspects such as historical, religious and cultural impacts; artistic and literature influences; and philosophical foundations of societies within a global context.

POLI 161  American Federal Government  3 cr.  

This course is a survey of the origins, development, and structure of the national government and political system in theory and practice. Students will be introduced to the ideas and institutions that shape contemporary politics in the U.S.

POLI 162  American State and Local Government  3 cr.  

A study of the common features, aspects, and responsibilities of state, county, and local governments in the United States under existing and ideal conditions. Attention will also be given to the State of New Jersey and various New Jersey counties and municipalities

POLI 183  Introduction to Political Science  3 cr.  

This course is a survey of the foundations of political theory and its relationship to government, political parties, pressure groups, and modern political thought. Students will be introduced to various governmental systems and economies throughout the world with a focus on contemporary domestic and global issues.

POLI 185  Principles of Public Administration  3 cr.  

This course is a survey of the principle philosophic and operational factors of public administration with emphasis on the major concepts involved in the science and art of government. It considers such topics as organizational theory and practice, decision making, executive leadership and the political aspects of administration.

POLI 263  Introduction to International Relations  3 cr.  

Students will examine the international political system, analyze the cause of war, and the various approaches to world peace through a study of balance of power theories, disarmament, diplomacy, and international organizations. Students will also examine economic forms of power and the increasing importance of international political economy.

POLI 265  Comparative Politics and Government  3 cr.  

This course will expose students to various concepts and theories of comparative politics through the examination of the cultures, structures, institutions, processes and historical contexts in which they occur. Emphasis will be placed on cultural, religious, and ethnic practices and perspectives which shape contemporary society and political institutions. Students will explore the difference between industrialized democracies, current and former communist regimes, and less developed nations by analyzing politics in various case studies such as the United Kingdom, China, France, South Africa and Iran.

POLI 268  Women and Politics  3 cr.  

This course examines the role of women in domestic and international politics from both a historical and current perspective. The evolution of women's political participation will be traced through various social movements and events. The women's suffrage and women's rights movements within the United States will be analyzed and compared to other movements throughout the world. The course will highlight the accomplishments of significant women in politics within diverse political systems. Attention will also be placed on factors such as religion, ethnicity, and culture in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of gender gaps that exist globally.