Academic Catalog

Law (LAAW)

LAAW 101  Introduction to Law and Legal Assisting  3 cr.  

A survey of the philosophical and historical background of the Federal and State systems of jurisprudence. An introduction to the nature and functions of the agencies responsible for administration of the State law. Develops and examines the role of the paralegal in his relation to the supervising attorney both as to ethical and professional concerns.

LAAW 104  Introduction to Litigation  3 cr.  

An analysis of the common types of litigation, premises of litigation, sources of law, the court systems, attorneys, types of suits, usual defenses, New Jersey civil procedure, discovery procedures, court procedures, trial, post-trial motion, appeal, enforcement of judgment. Particular attention to the role of the legal assistant in preparation of documents and assistance to attorneys in matters of litigation.

Prerequisite(s): LAAW 101
LAAW 106  Mediation and Conflict Resolution  3 cr.  

A study of the emerging field of conflict resolution as it relates to the paralegal. The course emphasizes alternative methods of resolving legal conflicts. The philosophy of the course embodies the idea that alternative methods of conflict resolution improve the quality of decision making, develop a greater capacity for avoiding protracted disputes and create a culture of cooperation. These are skills necessary for the paralegal as the field of law evolves from confrontation to cooperation.

LAAW 108  Introduction to Employment Law  3 cr.  

This course is for employers, employees, paralegals, and other interested parties. Students will study common principles, United States and New Jersey legislations and administrative regulations, and legal issues affecting employee selection, employee termination, equal employment, labor-management relations, and privacy. This course is not intended for transfer. It offers an opportunity for professional development for people currently employed in jobs related to law and human resources management.

LAAW 201  Legal Research and Writing for Paralegals  3 cr.  

An introduction to legal research and writing designed for the legal assistant. The student will become familiar with the law library and the various legal reference material needed in determining the applicable law. Students will write memoranda presenting the results of the research. The course will contain several problems requiring legal research and memorandum writing utilizing statutes, case reports, citators, encyclopedias and other reference material.

Prerequisite(s): LAAW 101, ENGL 151
LAAW 203  Law Office Management  3 cr.  

A course designed to prepare the paralegal to understand, work within and manage a law office. The functions and skills of planning, organizing, controlling and directing a law office are explored along with the parameters and policies of the business of law which will provide a strong foundation upon which to build a legal career.

Prerequisite(s): LAAW 101 or permission of the instructor
LAAW 204  Estate Administration  3 cr.  

A study of the common forms of wills and trusts. A survey of the principles of law applying to each and of the specific statutes and codes relating to each. The matter of intestacy is also studied. Deals with the organization and jurisdiction of probate court. Concerns the planning and administration of estates and tax implications thereof. Specifically relates the role of the paralegal in preparing research and documentation for trust and estate matters.

LAAW 206  New Jersey Family Law  3 cr.  

This course is the study of the legal and practical application of Family Law as it applies to the paralegal. The course covers the law as it applies to matrimonial and custody issues, Juvenile Court and Adoption, etc.