Academic Catalog

Italian (ITAL)

ITAL 100  Elementary Italian I  3 cr.  
This is an elementary college-level course that focuses on the development of basic Italian conversation, reading and writing skills. Equal attention will be given to grammatical structures and the development of a vocabulary that will enable students to have simple but useful everyday conversations in Italian. The course is designed for beginning students or students who have taken one year or less of high school Italian.
ITAL 102  Elementary Italian II  3 cr.  
Elementary Italian II continues concepts addressed in Elementary Italian I, stressing the use of conversational dialogues, a comprehensive study of grammar, and readings of Italian literature chosen to increase the student's ability to read Italian. It is highly recommended that students enrolling in this course have taken two to three years of high school Italian if they cannot meet the prerequisite.
Prerequisite(s): ITAL 100
ITAL 200  Intermediate Italian I  3 cr.  
This is the start of the series of intermediate college-level Italian language courses that focuses on the development of mid to high level beginner communication skills in the Italian language. This coruse strives to improve spoken and written skills that will enable students to engage in daily conversations.
Prerequisite(s): ITAL 102
ITAL 202  Intermediate Italian II  3 cr.  
This second intermediate Italian course, is a continuation of Intermediate Italian I. The course emphasizes a further development of Italian conversational skills within the context of Italian culture in order to improve speaking and writing for daily communication.
Prerequisite(s): ITAL 200