Academic Catalog

Hospitality, Recreation, and Tourism Management (HRTM)

HRTM 110  Introduction to Hospitality, Recreation And Tourism Management  3 cr.  

This course acquaints students with the scope and complexity of the hospitality industry by exploring the national and global relationships of lodging, food and beverage service, travel and tourism operations, overall hospitality business operations. The course examines career opportunities, organizational structures, current trends, human resource management, marketing, and the effects of technology on customer and guest service requirements within the industry. Code 1 course fee.

HRTM 120  Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism  3 cr.  

This course will focus on a discussion of hospitality and destination marketing from a team perspective, examining each hospitality and tourism department and its role in the marketing mechanism. The course will emphasize the use of social media and discuss current industry trends in using internet marketing and e-commerce, loyalty marketing, brand extension marketing, and destination branding. Through an integrative approach, students will examine the roles various department managers play in contributing to the overall marketing efforts to promote their hotel, restaurant, entertainment venue, or other tourist attraction. Code 1 course fee.

HRTM 124  Quality Guest/Customer Service Management  3 cr.  

This course will explore the importance of managing for excellent customer service. Students will examine customer service techniques and staff development procedures, as well as staff and customer retention policies. Students will learn the concepts, principles and strategies used in treating customers as guests, and how to create an exceptional and pleasurable experience for them. The course will cover the topic of managing guest relations and customer service through academic studies. Students will utilize case studies to investigate organizations that excel in managing quality of service. Code 1 course fee.

HRTM 212  Conferences, Conventions, and Special Events Management  3 cr.  

This course is a study of how to plan, design, produce and evaluate conferences, teleconferences, conventions, special events, seminars and symposia events. The course examines practical advice on every aspect of organizing and managing special events, such as choosing the best venue; preparing and managing the budget; scheduling; coordinating food and beverages; selecting decor, themes, and entertainment; media; and staffing. Emphasis is on the interaction between the staff, the customer, guests, contractors, and others necessary to implement and manage a successful event. Additional focus on catering through hotels, restaurants or private companies, as well as examining the costs involved in building and sustaining a successful business. Code 1 course fee.

HRTM 214  Supervision and Human Resource Management  3 cr.  

The goal behind supervision and human resource management is to maximize employee performance. This course will focus on the knowledge and personal skills needed to function in an organization. The course will explore the critical importance of handling employee problems while meeting the primary needs of customers through the development of critical thinking and leadership skills. Students will be introduced to modern techniques for human resource management that will maximize employee performance in order to meet the company's strategic objectives. Supervisory applications and human resource policies and systems from a business management perspective will be examined. Concepts from principals of management courses will also be reinforced. Code 1 course fee.

Prerequisite(s): HRTM 110
HRTM 220  Managerial Accounting for Hospitality Industry  3 cr.  

This course acquaints students with the principles of cost controls and their application by examining break-even and ratio analysis, interpretation of financial statements, budgeting, cash forecasts and hospitality case studies. Hospitality managerial accounting emphasizes planning and control functions including yield management, cash and operating budgets, industry standards and decision making. Emphasis is placed upon the diverse elements of sales within a food and beverage establishment and upon cost controls needed to maintain a profitable operation. Code 1 course fee.

Prerequisite(s): HRTM 110
HRTM 225  Legal Aspects of Hospitality, Recreation And Tourism  3 cr.  

This course will introduce students to the basic principles of law, its sources, attributes and important definitions, as well as how to read legal cases. The students will learn how laws are applied primarily to restaurants, public lodging facilities, travel agents, airlines, recreational and sports facilities, clubs, resorts, and other public venues. Focus will also be on how judges and legislators balance the interests of customers and travelers with those of business proprietors. There will be an in-depth examination of the legal rights and duties of guests and patrons in comparison to innkeepers and restaurateurs. This course will also explore the question of ethics in hospitality management. Code 1 course fee.

Prerequisite(s): HRTM 110
HRTM 240  Travel Seminar: International Tourism Management  3 cr.   (2 + 0 + 3)  

This course will acquaint students with the scope and complexity of the tourism industry by exploring the economic, environmental, and sociocultural impact of tourism. The students in this course will develop an understanding of the evolution and growth of tourism, with an emphasis on sustainable tourism and the environmental impacts of tourism. In addition, students will examine tourism from the management perspective which will include marketing, technology systems, and destination development. This course is a study abroad experience; the selected destination may vary.