Academic Catalog

History (HIST)

HIST 171  Western Civilization to 1650  3 cr.  
This course is a survey of the history of Western Civilization, tracing its origins from the earliest civilizations to the early modern era. Emphasis is placed on the changes through time in political, social, and religious institutions as well as on intellectual and cultural achievements. The course provides an overview of the major events and developments in Western history to help students better understand the creation of historical identity and concepts of Western Civilization.
HIST 172  Western Civilization from 1650  3 cr.  
The survey of Western Civilization is continued from the early modern period to the present. The political, social, and industrial revolutions of the 18th and 19th centuries are studied as a prelude to the military conflicts, social changes and intellectual currents of the twentieth century. The course is designed to help students understand Western Civilization's impact on the world both historically and contemporarily.
HIST 173  United States History to 1877  3 cr.  
This course is a survey of the history of the United States from the period of first contact between Europeans and the Indigenous Peoples to the end of the Reconstruction period (1877). The course includes political, social, and economic factors important in the foundation of America.
HIST 174  United States History from 1877  3 cr.  
This course traces developments in United States history from the end of the Civil War to the end of the Second World War with emphasis on reconstruction, the industrialization of America, and the emergence of the United States as a world power.
HIST 175  History of New Jersey  3 cr.  
This course is designed to teach the development of New Jersey, from Lenni-Lenape to the cultural pluralism of today. It will deal with all aspects of life in the state: social, religious, economic, educational and political.
HIST 176  United States Military History: Colonial to 1975  3 cr.  
A study of the U.S. Military history from colonial times to the 20th Century. Special emphasis is placed on the causes and results of wars, leaders and battles, and the impact U.S. Military History has had in the world. U.S. History I and II and/or a comprehensive knowledge of America history are highly recommended for students enrolling in this course.
HIST 179  America in the 1960s  3 cr.  
This course investigates one of the seminal decades in modern American political history. During this ten year period, events and movements of particular importance occurred which continue to impact contemporary life. The topics to be examined include the civil rights movement, the assassinations of prominent leaders, the moon landing, the Vietnam War, and the new significance of popular culture in American life. Emphasis will be placed on the political activism that shaped this era.
HIST 181  World Civilization to 1660  3 cr.  
World Civilization I is an historical introduction to the major civilizations of the world from prehistory to approximately the 16th century. It includes the key chapters of the world's societies, their contributions and the interaction between them: culturally, religiously, economically and politically.
HIST 182  World Civilization From 1660  3 cr.  
World Civilization II examines the patterns of global history as they emerge in various regions of the world from the mid-17th century to the present day. Students will gain a deeper understanding of cultural diversity and historical trends that have helped shape today's world.
HIST 185  Survey of Middle Eastern Civilization  3 cr.  
This course will examine various social, cultural, historical, geo-political, and economic issues related to the Middle East. The course will help students understand how the contemporary shape of the region has emerged from multiple sources. This course will rely on a wide range of reading materials including films and documentaries, televised records of recent events, and records of social media.
HIST 191  African-American History  3 cr.  
This survey course will look at the social, economic, and political history that shaped the African experience from its roots through the post-Civil War and Reconstruction Era in America, the consequences of emancipation, the development of African nationalism, the Civil Rights movement, the influence of racism and modern African American culture. Students will study the cultures of seventeenth century West Africa, the Atlantic Slave Trade, its effects on antebellum America and struggle of African Americans throughout the twentieth century. The course will focus on the key events, legislation, social issues and figures that influenced the progression of African-Americans throughout American history.
HIST 230  America and the West After World War II  3 cr.  
This course will examine the economic systems, political theories, and social developments in the United States, Great Britain, and Europe after World War II. This course will survey events such as, the "Cold War", "Korean War", "Civil Rights Movement", "Changing Demographics and the growth of the Sun Belt", and the "United States' heightened military involvement in the Middle East." Through the tracing of these events students will gain an understanding of the alliances and policies which have influenced modern day relations between America and the West Since 1945.
HIST 240  Travel Seminar: Studies in History  3 cr.  
This travel seminar affords students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the history and culture of a select travel destination. While studying the political, economic, and social events of a region's history, students will participate in guided history tours and educational activities focused on diverse topics including socio-cultural, political, and historical events of the area. Through travel and experiential learning opportunities, the course allows students to interpret the role of key event(s) in history and society.
HIST 255  History and Culture of Ireland: Travel Seminar  3 cr.  
This study abroad semester provides the opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the culture of Ireland, while studying the political, economic and social events that resulted in the separate entities of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Student will have immersion activities that include tours and cultural events focused on art, literature, music, religion, economics and the politics of Ireland. The course is designed to promote global awareness and understanding of conflict resolution issues.
HIST 269  History of the Holocaust  3 cr.  
This survey course presents students with an introductory history of the Holocaust, to be able to position the Holocaust in the context of European, world history and Jewish history. Students will examine the precursors, evolution, consequences, and legacies of the Holocaust. The course will explore debates within Holocaust history, its main issues and key patterns, as well as the actions, responses, and choices, of individuals, organizations, and state authorities to the plight of Jewish people. While the Nazi annihilation policy targeted Jewish people in particular, the persecution and killing extended to other groups as well, which will be discussed in this class. Primary source materials such as narratives, testimonials, and films, are used throughout the course.
HIST 271  History of England  3 cr.  
England's history is rich in the interaction between peoples from diverse cultures, all of whom have greatly affected the development of the modern world. This course shall serve as a foundation course for students who wish to pursue a degree in History, Political Science, and/or Government. History of England would also benefit students studying other disciplines, since it is essential for all students to understand from where our political and governmental institutions came. Those studying English and Literature would benefit from the in depth discussions of literary works from the time periods discussed
HIST 272  History of Russia  3 cr.  
The course traces the evolution of Russian society and the Russian state from its inception more than one thousand years ago to the present. Special attention will be given to the abrupt and radical changes that mark the transition from one epoch to another, especially from the Kievan to the Tartar period, from the Moscovite to the Imperial and from the Imperial to the Soviet. Singled out will also be the reforms in the Russian empire from the emancipation of the serfs to the First World War. In the Soviet period the course will stress the development of the Soviet system and the development of the international communist movement.
HIST 275  History and Culture of China  3 cr.  
A survey of Chinese civilization from prehistoric times to the People's Republic of China. This course covers the following aspects of Chinese culture: art, literature, religion, science and political, economic, social and intellectual history. The role of Confucianism in the development of Chinese culture will receive special emphasis.
HIST 278  History of the Arab World Since World War I  3 cr.  
A survey of the modern political states in the Arab World, and of the social, cultural, and religious forces that have shaped these states since World War I. This course considers, among other issues, the geo-political and economic significance of the area, on-going interstate and intrastate conflicts in the region, and the American interests and involvement within the Arab World.
HIST 280  Modern Latin American History  3 cr.  
This course will cover the history of Latin America from the Wars of Independence of the early nineteenth century through to the present day, with emphasis on the broad currents of history throughout the Americas as well as Europe, especially with respect to US-Latin American relations. Students will examine, using primary and secondary source material, the cultural, political, economic, and social developments in this region since the end of the colonial period.