Academic Catalog

Environmental Science (ENVI)

ENVI 152  Environmental Sci  4 cr.   (3 + 2)  

An introduction to current environmental problems and the processes used to analyze them from perspectives of the biological, geological, and social sciences. Field and laboratory experiences incorporated into the course. Students will be required to travel to offsite laboratory locations. It is highly recommended that students enrolling in this course have completed high school biology and high school chemistry. Code 5 course fee.

ENVI 159  Natural Resources Conservation  4 cr.   (3 + 2)  

Provides in-depth coverage on the importance of the natural environment and how to protect its many resources for future generations. Outlines many of the national and international environmental problems associated with resource management and conservation, and reviews legislative, technological and methodological solutions to these problems. Field trips to natural reserves and to other appropriate sites will be an integral component of this course. It is highly recommended that students enrolling in this course have taken high school biology and high school chemistry. Code 3 course fee.

ENVI 232  Environmental Policy  3 cr.  

This course focuses on the development of U.S. environmental policies and how these policies are initiated, implemented, and improved. Students will explore how environmental issues arrive on the public agenda; the role of political institutions in making environmental policy; the economic, political, and institutional forces that shape policymaking; competing approaches to environmental policy analysis; and the goals and strategies of the environmental movement. Code 3 course fee.

Prerequisite(s): ENVI 152
ENVI 259  Field Experience/Practicum  3 cr.   (0 + 9 + 0)  

Required of all environmental science majors. This course is intended to provide an off-campus work-study experience that is planned and conducted under the supervision of an environmental science faculty member. Arrangements must be made well in advance before the course is to be taken. Prerequisites: Permission of the department dean.