Academic Catalog

Education (EDUC)

EDUC 140  Mathematics for the Professional Educator  3 cr.  

This is a course for students seeking to pursue a career in education. This course is a study of fundamental mathematic topics and teaching strategies for use in the mathematics classroom. Emphasis will be on preparation for the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators: Math Test. Code 1 course fee.

Prerequisite(s): MATH 151 or higher
EDUC 176  Foundations of American Education  3 cr.  

Students will learn and demonstrate knowledge of five foundations of American education: history; philosophies of education; administration, economics and support of education; the interrelationship of school and society; and organization for learning.

EDUC 177  School and Community  3 cr.  

This course examines current trends and issues in education stressing the dynamics of school and community partnerships. Participants will analyze the various groups and social forces that influence what children are taught in today's schools. Emphasis will be placed on effective use of community resources.

EDUC 178  Introduction to the Education of Exceptional Students  3 cr.  

For students preparing for a career in working with children or in human services. Topics will include the etiology and nature of physical, sensory, motor, mental and emotional exceptionalities, legislation concerned with exceptional individuals, the role of parent organizations, diagnosis of educational needs, the role of the Child Study Team, prescriptive teaching and field survey of educational programs for exceptional children pre-school through secondary school age.

EDUC 241  Children's Literature  3 cr.  

Children's literature is a course which surveys a broad range of literature for children pre-school through the elementary grades. Picture books, poetry, folk tales, fantasy, realistic fiction and non-fiction will be read, discussed and evaluated. Students will explore the production and marketing of juvenile books; they will compare current trends in illustration and will practice the evaluation of children's books as literature. Story-telling techniques, reading aloud and the use of trade books in whole language instruction will be emphasized throughout the course.

EDUC 261  Development of the Learner  3 cr.  

This course is for students interested in teaching. It will provide a working knowledge of various principles,theories, and models based in the discipline of psychology, in order that these formulations may be applied to the teaching/learning process. Specifically, students will recognize the cognitive, social, and moral developmental transitions faced by PreK-12th grade learners and will use this knowledge as a foundation for developing strategies to design classroom environments. Code 1 course fee.

EDUC 277  The Teaching Profession in America  3 cr.  

This course provides opportunities to explore and reflect upon the historical, social, political, philosophical, cultural, legal, and economic forces that impact the American public K-12 school systems. The student will investigate major issues facing American education in the 21st century with emphasis on trends in education, diversity in the schools, curriculum development, instructional strategies, assessment, legal issues, and major historical events.

EDUC 278  Teaching Profession Practicum  2 cr.   (1 + 0 + 4)  

This course will engage students in 60 hours of observation and reflection as required by the NJ Department of Education for sophomore field experience. The practicum will team the student with a certified teacher; while the coursework will apply skill sets observed and taught through the semester. Students will create a teaching portfolio that will serve as a basis for future reference.