Academic Catalog

Business (BUSN)

BUSN 115  Introduction to Supply Chain Mgmt  3 cr.  

This course provides an understanding of fundamental concepts of supply chain management and the impacts on business and the economy. All functional areas of supply chain management are explored in an integrated view of procurement, inventory and warehousing, demand planning, scheduling, network design, collaboration, and performance measurement.

BUSN 126  Word Processing  1 cr.  

An introduction to word processing to include entering, editing, printing, saving and retrieving text. Basic formatting features such as print enhancement, size and style of font adjustments, tabulation, margin manipulation and indent features will be demonstrated and applied. Liberal application practice through hands-on experience. Pre-requisite: Basic keyboarding skills. Code 1 course fee.

BUSN 131  Introduction to Business Administration  3 cr.  

This course is a thorough survey of the activities that make up the field of business. Emphasis is placed on such topics as ownership, management, organization, purchasing, marketing, production, personnel, finance and government regulations. Industry's societal responsibilities relating to pollution, minorities and ethical practices are explored.

BUSN 133  Microcomputer Keyboard  1 cr.  

Mastery of the mechanics of the computer keyboard. Emphasis is placed on correct typewriting techniques to develop accuracy and speed presented in a computer-assisted instruction mode. Code 1 course fee.

BUSN 134  Principles of Marketing  3 cr.  

This course is a comprehensive study of the functions and institutions involved in the flow of goods and services from production to consumption. Topics include the marketing environment and process, consumer behavior, distribution, industrial users, retailing innovations, wholesaling practices, product planning, packaging, selling, advertising, sales promotion and pricing.

BUSN 151  Introduction to Human Resource Management  3 cr.  

An introduction to the basic functions of human resource management, including the relationship between operating managers and the human resources department, human resources planning, recruitment and selection, legal issues, compensation, benefits, safety, and collective bargaining.

BUSN 157  Introduction to Financial Software  1 cr.   (1 + 1)  

This course provides students with a basic economic understanding of stocks, bonds, and foreign currencies. Students are exposed to basic trading concepts and utilization of financial software.

BUSN 170  Small Business Management  3 cr.  

An entrepreneurial approach to small business management with emphasis on the importance of management skills, industry knowledge, and strategic planning. Specific topics will include small business creation, business plan development, marketing, operations, personnel, finance, business law, and community responsibility. The primary course objective is to provide students with a realistic formula for successfully operating a small business. Code 2 course fee.

BUSN 210  Business Communications  3 cr.  

A study of the principles underlying effective written communications in business. The use of correct and forceful English is stressed in various types of business correspondence. Presented in computer-assisted mode. Code 1 course fee.

Prerequisite(s): ENGL 151
BUSN 220  Career Management and Professional Behavior  3 cr.  

This course is designed to foster workplace readiness through the development of effective skills in communication, leadership and interpersonal relations. The importance of understanding and using self-directed skills to manage the transition from the college environment to the workplace is emphasized. Students will focus on developing the competitive skills and abilities necessary to compete in the contemporary job market. Code 1 course fee.

BUSN 251  Business Law I  3 cr.  

This course focuses on the study of law as it applies to businesses and consumers including the structure of the legal system, torts, contract law, and property.

BUSN 252  Business Law II  3 cr.  

This course is the study of law related to: employment agency, partnership, corporation, sale of goods, and commercial paper.

Prerequisite(s): BUSN 251
BUSN 267  Real Estate Law  3 cr.  

This course focuses on the study of the law of real property, laws governing title and title transfer, the concept of mortgages, and the obligations of those who participate in and assist with the transfer of real property.

Prerequisite(s): BUSN 251 or LAAW 101 or NJ Real Estate Sales License
BUSN 270  Principles of Advertising  3 cr.  

This course is a study of various types of advertising, including newspapers, magazines, direct mail, radio, television, outdoor advertising and internet advertising. Current practices of advertising preparation, appeal, copy selection and layout techniques are analyzed.

Prerequisite(s): BUSN 134 or permission of instructor
BUSN 271  Principles of Management  3 cr.  

A comprehensive study of the various functions of management to assist students in understanding the interrelationships among the functional areas of a business enterprise, and to see with whom these functional areas interact in organizational decision-making. Designed to develop an ability to objectively analyze and solve management problems.

BUSN 272  Principles of Investments  3 cr.  

The focus of this course is business and personal investments, the theory and operation of the stock market, and their investments and timing with respect to the business cycle. There will be actual analysis of certain stocks, bonds, and derivatives.

BUSN 275  Principles of Finance  3 cr.  

This course focuses on the principles of finance by integrating concepts of economics and accounting and by linking economic theory to the numbers of accounting. The course also emphasizes the importance of assessing financial performance to a firm's production, sales, research, marketing, management, and long-run strategic planning.

Prerequisite(s): ACCT 162 or permission of instructor