Academic Catalog

Course Types Offered at Ocean County College

Ocean County College offers a variety of course types, also known as modalities. Using the Course Catalog, you can search for classes by course type. Course types can be identified using the codes detailed below.

Face-to-Face Classes

  • On-campus classes that meet in person on the Toms River Campus and at the Southern Education Center. 
  • The designated location for these sections is “Ocean County College Campus” on the schedule. 
  • Course section codes are numerical (e.g. ENGL-151-01). 

Hybrid Classes (HB)

  • Hybrid classes meet once a week for classroom instructions according to the published schedule. 
  • The remaining portion of teaching and learning will take place online every week asynchronously. 
  • The online portion of the course may include video lectures, online discussions, and/or online activities. 
  • Course section codes are designated by an HB (e.g. ENGL-151-HB01) 

HyFlex Classes (HF)

  • A fully HyFlex (Hybrid Flexible) course is a student-centered model of class delivery that integrates in-class face-to-face instruction, online synchronous learning (which means occurring at the same time as the live instruction), and canvas activities. This model provides the most flexibility for students to learn.
  • Students can attend each class in person on campus or synchronously via internet from an off-campus location as they wish. 
  • The Instructor teaches from the classroom at the scheduled time. Students may attend either in person on campus or log into the class from any location. 
  • Course section codes are designated by an HF (e.g. ENGL-151-HF01). 
  • Students registered in HyFlex sections are expected to attend class either in person or remotely. This is a synchronous class and active participation is expected throughout the course. If joining remotely, please note the following:​​​
    • ​​Your instructor may ask you to turn on your camera during exams and presentations. Some courses require cameras on due to state credentialing requirements and/or the performative nature of the course (i.e COMM 154 Public Speaking). 
    • No person(s) other than the registered student are able to participate or “sit in” during a class period.   
    • You are expected to participate in class discussions via voice or through the chat box.  
    • You are expected to ask questions and engage with the lesson and your peers who are both remote and in person.  
    • You are not permitted to be driving or operating heavy machinery while attending class remotely. Your full attention and engagement are required while you are in class. 

Online Classes (DL)

  • You can view OCC's online learning options here.  
  • Sections are indicated on the schedule by the location being listed as “Online”. 
  • All of OCC’s online courses are completely online and asynchronous, which means students are never required to come to campus and are not required to be "online" during a specific day or time. All course learning activities, including course reading, resources, discussions, assessments, assignments, labs, and other educational content occur online 
  • An online course requires students to have a laptop or desktop computer to complete the course learning activities. This course cannot be completed exclusively on a mobile device. 
  • All online courses are proctored to authenticate and verify each student's identity. All students are required to have a working webcam and microphone during proctored assessments.  
  • Course section codes are designated by DL (i.e. ENGL-151-DL1) 

 Video Connected Classes (VC) 

  • Classes have multiple meeting locations that meet synchronously. 
  • You will attend each class meeting in person during the class time and at the class location you register for. 
  • The instructor will be live at one of the locations for each class meeting, and you will participate either live or by video for each class. 
  • Course section codes are designated by VC (e.g. ENGL-151-VC01A).