Academic Catalog

Acceptance of Credits

Acceptance of Credits from an Accredited Institution

Credits granted for work completed at other institutionally accredited institutions may be applied to a degree student’s record at Ocean County College, if requested. It is the responsibility of the student, if requested, to provide the Registration and Records Office with a catalog from the institution from which the credits are expected to be transferred. Acceptance of credits is for review and approval by the Registration and Records Office and The Testing Center.

Advanced Standing

Students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in certain subjects while in high school (e.g., English or foreign language) and who meet specific college departmental criteria, may be considered for advanced placement and/or credit. Advanced placement/credit will be considered on the basis of grades attained in the College Entrance Examination Board Advanced Placement Program examinations.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

In accordance with established departmental criteria, credit may be granted for the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Subject Examinations. Information concerning the examinations accepted at this college and minimum scores required are available in the Registration & Records, Advising, and Testing offices.

Here is the current list of examinations and corresponding credits accepted at OCC: Policy for Credit for Prior Learning.

Credit By Examination

Credit from non-accredited institutions and/or credit for work and other experiences may be granted on the basis of credit by examination in accordance with established departmental criteria. The Vice President of Academic Affairs will approve the granting of such credit upon recommendation of the appropriate department administrator in accordance with College policy. This policy applies only to fully matriculated students who have not transferred in the maximum credits acceptable. A fee shall be assessed for each examination. A grade of Pass/No Credit will be issued for Credit By Examination.

Portfolio Assessment

Students may earn credit through portfolio assessment for experiential learning in certain academic programs.

Click here to see the current OCC Policy for Credit for Prior Learning, including the list of CLEP exams and associated credits.