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Holistic Health & Wellness, Certificate of Completion

Certificate Description

The Holistic Health and Wellness certificate program is designed to provide students an overall understanding of the foundations and philosophies associated with various professions that utilize a vitalistic philosophical perspective.  This area of study has become progressively more popular in the marketplace of healthcare.  Students transferring to four year institutions may pursue this certificate as a foundation for their future studies.  It is also a stand-alone certificate for people personally interested in this type of healthcare philosophy.

Certificate Requirements

BIOL 119Science and the Human Body4
Holistic Certificate Elective3
Holistic Certificate Elective3
Holistic Certificate Elective3
Holistic Certificate Elective3
Total Credit Hours16

Holistic Certificate Electives

HHAW 100Global History of Healthcare3
HHAW 101Alternative Therapies in Health & Wellness3
HHAW 102Environmental Harmony: A Holistic Perspective3
HHAW 120Philosophies & Paradigms of Healthcare3
HHAW 121Psychology and Physiology of Stress3
HHAW 200Food & Healing: A Holistic Approach to Nutrition3
HHAW 201Plants & Healing: Herbology & Organic Gardening3
HHAW 220Oriental Theories in Health & Medicine3
HHAW 221Principles of Energy Movement3
HHAW 222Holistic Design3