Academic Catalog

Global Studies, Associate in Arts

Program Description 

The Global Studies program allows students to complete the first two years of their college education by selecting courses from a range of offerings based on their interest and transfer needs.  These courses prepare students to transfer to baccalaureate programs with majors in global studies, international politics, and foreign relations. 

Transfer Information

Students pursuing the Global Studies degree can transfer into a wide range of programs focusing on culture, international and foreign affairs, government & politics, as well as global issues. Majors include international relations, political science, anthropology, and global studies. Students are encouraged to work closely with OCC faculty and Advising Transfer Services. Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution in NJ can explore the “Transfer Programs” feature on NJ Transfer

Career Information

The Associate of Arts and the Associate of Science Degrees are designed to provide students with the coursework needed to transfer to a four-year institution and pursue a bachelor’s degree. The curriculum provides students the knowledge and skills needed to pursue various career pathways, while providing a credential beyond the high school degree. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with OCC faculty and Career Services as they begin to explore career options. Students can also utilize Career Coach, a resource provided by OCC, to explore degree programs and corresponding careers

Students are encouraged to keep track of degree requirements by using the “My Progress” screen on Student Planning. Student Planning can be accessed via logging into Ocean Connect.

Program Requirements 

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterCredit Hours
ENGL 151 English I 3
Mathematics Gen. Ed. Requirement 1 3
POLI 101 Global Issues 3
HIST 181 World Civilization to 1660 3
STSC 150 Student Success Seminar 2
 Credit Hours14
Second Semester
ENGL 152 English II 3
POLI 263
Introduction to International Relations
or Comparative Politics and Government
Global Studies Program Elective 3
COMM 154 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3
HIST 182 World Civilization From 1660 3
 Credit Hours15
Third Semester
Global Studies Program Elective 6
Lab Science Gen. Ed. Requirement 1 4
Social Science Gen. Ed. Requirement 3
World Language – 1st in a sequence 2 3
 Credit Hours16
Fourth Semester
Global Studies Program Elective - Travel Seminar course preferred 3
Humanities Gen. Ed. Requirement 3
Mathematics or Lab Science Gen. Ed. Requirement 1 3-4
Technology Gen. Ed. Requirement 1 3
World Language – 2nd in a sequence 2 3
Elective to meet 60 credits 0-1
 Credit Hours15-17
 Total Credit Hours60-62

Students must select one math course, one lab science course, and one technology course and complete the 12 credit requirement with any additional math or science course from the list of Approved General Education Courses. Students may attempt to “test out” of the technology requirement. If they succeed, they must take an additional course in math or science from the List of Approved General Education Courses.


World Language Courses (two sequential semesters of a foreign language is required – for example, SPAN I and II).

Global Studies Program Electives

ANTH 134Cultural Anthropology3
ARTS 181Art From Prehistory to Middle Ages3
ARTS 182Art From Renaissance to Modern World3
ARTS 191The Arts of the Islamic World3
ARTS 205Modern Art3
ENGL 222Indigenous American Literature3
ENGL 225Chinese Literature in Translation3
ENGL 226Arabic Literature in Translation3
ENGL 235Literature and Myth3
ENGL 237Multicultural Fairy and Folk Tales3
ENGL 255World Literature Ancient through 16003
ENGL 256World Literature 1600 to Present3
FILM 190World Cinema3
GEOG 161World Physical Geography3
GEOG 162Human Geography3
HIST 185Survey of Middle Eastern Civilization3
HIST 272History of Russia3
HIST 275History and Culture of China3
HIST 278History of the Arab World Since World War I3
HIST 280Modern Latin American History3
HUMN 200Modernism and the Arts3
HUMN 201Postmodernism and the Arts3
MUSC 194Introduction to World Music3
PHIL 192Contemporary Ethical Issues3
POLI 263Introduction to International Relations3
POLI 265Comparative Politics and Government3
POLI 268Women and Politics3
PSYC 175Cross-Cultural Psychology3
RELG 193World Religions3
RELG 293Religious Experiences3
SOCI 181Introduction to Sociology3
SOCI 231Social Problems3
Any approved Travel Seminar course3
World Language courses 23