Academic Catalog

Photography, Certificate of Completion

The Photography program provides students with a working knowledge of black-and-white and color photography, and fundamental laboratory and technical skills required for entry-level employment. The curriculum is designed to teach students to become independent professional photographers or to work as technician/photographers for others.

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterCredit Hours
ENGL 151 English I 3
PHOT 101 History of Photography 3
PHOT 181 Basic Digital Photography 3
PHOT 195 Lightroom & Photoshop for Photographers 3
GRPH 151 Digital Imagery 3
 Credit Hours15
Second Semester
GRPH 281 Graphics Portfolio 3
PHOT 187 Experimental Digital Photography 3
PHOT 188 Intermediate Digital Photography 3
PHOT 280 Advanced Digital Photography 3
 Credit Hours12
 Total Credit Hours27