Academic Catalog

Criminal Justice, Certificate of Proficiency

The certificate program in criminal justice includes primarily courses specific to the field with a limited number of general education courses. It represents recognition of the achievement of the criminal justice curriculum for the professional who does not plan to enter a degree program, or it may be considered an important milestone for the in-service student working towards a degree.

ENGL 151English I3
SCIE 105Forensic Science4
SOCI 181Introduction to Sociology3
CRIM 150The Criminal Justice System3
CRIM 151Police Organization and Administration3
CRIM 152Introduction to Law Enforcement3
CRIM 155Introduction to Corrections3
CRIM 254Constitutional Law and Rules of Evidence3
CRIM 255Criminal Law and Procedures3
CRIM 236Criminology3
POLI 162American State and Local Government3
Total Credit Hours34